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Pampered Pets has safe and engaging doggy daycare at great prices AND services to make your life easier and your dog happier!

We offer services that make your life easier and your dog more comfortable.

Birthday Pawties, nail trims, brush outs and tooth brushing! Talk to us about scheduling these for your doggy!

What You Want to Know Aout Pampered Pets Doggy Daycare

3 rescue dogs relating Rider, rocky and lolly relaxing at doggy daycare

The Benefits

There are many benefits of doggy daycare for both you and your dog. These include: 

  • Group play with socialization 
  • Exercise in a safe setting
  • Indoor and outdoor shaded play areas with dog pools
  • May reduce separation anxiety 
  • Nap time (when needed) so dogs don't get overtired and stressed
  • Feeding (when needed); your dog stays on their regular schedule 
  • Medication (when needed) to ensure your dog stays healthy

2 English Bulldogs at Doggy Daycare Ted and Ruby


Your dog's safety is our concern!

Some of the ways we ensure it are:

  • Dogs are separated by size and temperament
  • All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations; we'll even remind you in advance when they are due
  • We use rubber flooring inside because it is easier for dogs with hip and joint issues
  • Our facility has a new central air conditioning system to ensure your dog is comfortable on hot days 
  • Dogs have constant supervision by  and ongoing interactions with our trained staff
  • We use a double door lock system to ensure that even if a dog managed to go through one door we'd be able to get them before they got near the second one

Say Cheese! Happy dogs looking at doggy Daycare staff

Experienced & Educated Staff

Your dog is cared for by pet professionals who are members of IBPSA, the International Boarding and Pet Services Association

  • Owned and operated by an established, long term, resident of East Longmeadow, Denise Degon
  • Denise is a well known and highly respected pet professional with more than 20 years of experience caring for animals
  • All staff is required to be Pet CPR certified for the safety of your dog.
  • All Staff is required to take industry training and education on an ongoing basis
  • Pampered Pets Doggy Daycare and Spa is licensed and insured